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Get A Home Exactly As You Want It To Be!

Everyone likes to live in a home that is a true reflection of them; a place that holds their values, beliefs and dreams; where they can reconnect with themselves and the world that exists within those walls. However not everyone gets the luxury to own a house that is customised according to their personality.

Living in a home that is an expression of who you are is a privilege and ‘Expert Builders’ make such a luxury accessible for everyone around Gold Coast. With years of experience and a knack for creativity our team of dedicated designers and architects make sure that we build a house exactly the way you’ve always wanted it to be.


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Our commercial construction projects are located in several places around Gold Coast such as Sanctuary Cove, Sovereign Island and Hope Island among others. The partnership that we have with some of the best interior designers and architects around the area gives us the edge over rest of the construction companies out there. The homes that we make are not only popular with the locals but also attract buyers from the rest of country and other parts of the world.

The quality of work that we have provided over the years has made ‘Expert Builders’ a trusted and award winning construction company in Australia. Our custom construction techniques and methods have helped us create some of the most awe inspiring homes that one could only fantasise about. Thanks to the hard work and ability of our team we have become one of the leading construction companies in Queensland.

‘Expert Builders’ are one of the prominent members of the Queensland Master Builders Association and like to lead by example when it comes to respecting the values of the customers that they are dealing with. We understand that basic things like timely deliveries, proper communication and professionalism can help create a good customer relationship. This attitude helps us exceed the customer’s expectations so we can live up to our promise of making a home that truly defines the owner.