Buying VS Renting A Condo In Indonesia

What is a condo? A condo is a building much like an apartment in which the ownership of each unit belongs to different individuals. All the units collectively enjoy the extra luxurious such as a club or a pool. Units usually share walls but it isn’t necessary. You can find condos where individuals units don’t […]

Why Is Having A Real Estate Website Important For Real Estate Agent?

The power of the internet is growing day by day which is why one can’t ignore its importance in a business. Just like all other businesses real estate agents can also benefit from the internet. When comes to buying and selling of properties, being an estate agent isn’t enough anymore. You have to put in […]

Tips Before Buying Real Estate In The Philippines

Buying a real estate property is a huge investment which is why one must completely think it through because there is no going back. Individuals that regularly invest in real estate properties are well aware of the market and the demand of the certain property but first time buyers face a lot of difficulties and […]