Home Extensions & Additions

Extensions are ideal for people who are looking to enhance their living space because of an addition to their family or any other reason for that matter. It can be a great choice for people who want to live in the same house with their family or friends but have their own personal space to live. Extensions can also be used for various other reasons such as a guest room, a store room or even a gymnasium.

When someone decides to build an extension on the Gold Coast, they need to keep in mind a lot of important things that could help them in achieving exactly what they have in mind. One of the first things that a person needs to decide is whether the extension needs to be done on the ground floor or from the roof upwards.  Once this is decided by the owner he can get in touch with a professional construction company such as Expert Builders so that they can come up with a relevant design and strategy to build the extension.


Extensions can be complicating and sometimes very hard to execute. This is because if the designing and the construction is not done properly it can make the whole house look funny and cost the owner a lot of money to get it fixed. Therefore it is crucial that an experienced team of architects and designers on the Gold Coast work side by side to accomplish the owner’s vision.

We have a team of professionals that can make an extension look like it was always a part of your house. Keeping the original structure in mind our designers create an appropriate design that our dedicated team of construction workers turn into reality. This is done keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the owners as well as the neighbors. So if you are looking for a home extension and addition for your house, we can help you with it.