Sloping Block/Split Level Homes

What might seem as a limitation at first, can with some patient design, become quite an interesting house. Homes that are build on slopes present their own challenges to designers and architects. There are a host of potential problem areas that will need to be addressed before you can expect the home to be fully functional.

Challenges With Sloping Block/Split Level Homes

The problems faced by sloping homes are typical to only this category of build. They require an entirely different approach from those built on level ground. These include key decisions on how to palace the entire house, construct the foundations, factor in existing conditions such as:

  • Wind and Sun Direction: Since sloping homes must be built with limitations to their orientation, their exposure to the elements becomes an important factor
  • Ventilation and Climate Control: Sometimes slopes can cause problems for adequate cross-ventilation and the effectiveness of your climate control systems
  • Energy Efficiency: Such homes can be difficult to maintain as the costs of running the essential systems can easily exceed your original estimates
  • Drainage: Always a problem area, drainage is critical to a sloped site
  • Value for Money: After having tackled your initial problems, you don’t want to get less than your expected return.

Why We Are Your Best Choice?

  • Expert Builders Gold Coast, are specialists with years of experience building on sloped sites.
  • All the costs are transparent and there are no hidden costs to be discovered later on when you find out that there are other things to be considered.
  • Economical as compared to our competitors
  • Lots of Satisfied Clients
  • We can create appealing features such as split level spaces, natural light permitting glass facia and the abundance of sunlight can be blended into the design of the house itself

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