“I was a bit nervous thinking of getting my first house constructed when I came across ‘Expert Builders’. You see, my house wasn’t your typically designed homes that you see everywhere. I wanted my house to be designed and customised according to what I had in mind. Some of things that I was looking for, I wasn’t sure if that could be accomplished. However, right from my first meeting with ‘Expert Builders’, I knew that if anyone could make my dream house a reality, it was them.

They kept me updated about each thing that they were doing throughout the construction period and offered me some valuable suggestions that made the whole thing possible. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my house and all the credit goes to the hard working folks at ‘Expert Builders’. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who appreciates good quality work and timely execution.”

John Hayden


“My husband and I were looking to renovate our house because we had returned from Japan after 7 years. We knew it would be a lengthy process and we would have to stay somewhere else while the renovation was taking place. To my surprise the renovators that we hired, completed renovating our bedroom in a couple of weeks and requested us to shift while they were working on the rest of the house. We were a bit hesitant first but it was after we stayed there for a couple of days that we realized how respectful they were towards our privacy and comfort. Throughout the renovation time we didn’t even once feel that we were out of place. These gentlemen that helped us renovate our house were from ‘Expert Builders’.”

Clair Staunton


It is not the first time I have hired a construction company to work on my house. I have always had a lot of problems dealing with construction workers. I was expecting the same with ‘Expert Builders’ as well. I knew they just liked to over commit so that they can lure a customer. But when they kept their word and commitment right till the end, I was really impressed. To make it simple, well, you don’t find people like the ones at ‘Expert Builders’ that easily. I am glad I met them.

Richard Moore